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   “Be Quick to Hear, Slow to Speak & Slow to Anger – Being ever intent on three noble ideals:

The Good Word, Well Spoken.

The Good Thought, Well Thought. The Good Deed, Well Done.”

     D.O.T.S. is not a church, nor cult, nor a measurable mass of individuals…it is an “Idea”.

     We are Disciples of Truth (not man or mankind's doctrines)…We are Investigative, Historical Researchers…Philosophers, Theologians, Scientists and Laymen alike; We are Tsaphah(1). We are political activists dedicated to unveiling, disseminating, & preserving the Truth…at all cost & risk to our lives. We stand for Freedom; True Freedom for all of humanity. We seek through the past, to better understand 'our' present…& how it will affect our future. We seek the lost knowledge…& to protect what knowledge we now have.

     Our Foundation is set upon a single principle:

     ‘There is a Source to all things known & that Source is: The One, The Only, The Omnipotent-Omnipresent-Omniscient Eternal Source of all that has ever been, is, & ever will be. Nameless & Incomprehensible in Its Nature. Limitless by every definition’.


1. Tsaphah (tsaw-faw’:. Strong’s #06822. Key verses: Ezekiel 3:17-21, 33:1-9. Cf. Micah 7:7.

     Due to the massive difficulty and time involved in keeping 'links' up-to-date and relevant, it has been the current policy of D.O.T.S. not to provide links to the information provided here. It is our intent to ultimately provide all the information contained here to the seeker through both up-to-date links and a Cloud Service where the information will be readily available for viewing and download. Until then, it is suggested to use D.O.T.S. as a launching platform for your own research while utilizing some of the many tools available to the seeker online. Provided below are some of the many tools utilized in the gathering of this information. If you have any further questions, then please do not hesitate to contact the site administrator through the contact tab.

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