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The Foundation Has Been Laid

Posted by Archiv on July 15, 2014 at 4:45 PM

     It has taken a lot of time, frustration and nearly giving up on a few occasions….but D.O.T.S.’ website is finally ‘up & running’. By “website”…it’s more accurately the utilization of a free service through Webs.com. [Obviously, you know this.] Plans are to move over to the full, paid service soon…but that will still leave the website at the mercy of Webs.com and not solely in the control of D.O.T.S. itself. As mentioned previously…the loss of the previous website was a devastating blow to D.O.T.S.’ web presence [Literally taking it offline.] and understanding how to minimalize this loss in the future has been at the forefront of this current platforms development.

     One of the changes made in this current version is the limited use of links that would allow easier access and searching for those using D.O.T.S. as a launching pad for their own research. Lessons previously learned have discouraged the over-use of links here. Anyone with limited knowledge and understanding of website development understands that the simple act of linking to a website creates a sort-of bond between the two websites that is identifiable on both ends. [Website A has statistical information that Website B has created a perma-link to their content and visa-versa.] This not only makes maintaining accurate/live links established to relevant content difficult…but it also alerts nefarious individuals that you are shedding public light onto their secrets hidden-in-plain-sight. Most of us don’t understand that you often to have to overly classify or ‘lock and key’ information to ‘keep it secret’. Consider…there is no reason to overly restrict elite access to pertinent information about weather-modification warfare when no-one’s (General Public) even heard of the word GeoEngineering. Governments world-wide can openly deny the reality of ‘chem-trails’ in comfort…never fearing exposure. Start asking them to explain current GeoEngineering efforts however, and you’re likely to receive a visit from a Federal agency later that night.

     Much of the information I once found easily searchable and accessible (as long as the right language was used) has since become harder if not seemingly impossible to find. Years of exposure has forced them to start creating more barriers to the free exchange of information. It is my hope that, as long as I can keep the site going, it serves as a platform for my current research…publicly viewable… and that others can and will find the information interesting and even useful for their own research and personal development. Nothing more…and nothing less. Below, you will find tools to help you utilize the data containded here.



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