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Moral Idealism vs. Corporate Legalese

Posted by Archiv on March 19, 2014 at 1:10 PM

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Moral Idealism vs. Corporate Legalese

To Whom It May Concern; to any and all whom follow my work.

Recent posts on my personal accounts, coupled with a lack of posts on any of D.O.T.S. platforms, could lead many to question both my personal resolve and the future of the Disciple of Truth Society. While I can understand why, and even sympathize…they would be wrong to do so. D.O.T.S. is not a church, nor cult, nor a measurable mass of individuals…it is an “Idea”.

     We are Disciples of Truth…We are Investigative, Historical Researchers….Philosophers, Theologians, Scientists and Laymen alike; We are Tsaphah(1). We are political activists dedicated to unveiling, disseminating, & preserving the Truth…at all cost & risk to our lives. We stand for Freedom; True Freedom for all of humanity. We seek through the past, to better understand 'our' present…& how it will affect our future. We seek the lost knowledge…& to protect what knowledge we now have. Our Foundation is set upon a single principle: ‘There is a Source to all things known & that Source is: The One, The Only, The Omnipotent-Omnipresent-Omniscient Eternal Source of all that has ever been, is, & ever will be. Nameless & Incomprehensible in Its Nature. Limitless by every definition’.

On a personal level. I seek a personally spiritual development through a daily prayer(2) and a constantly developing ‘Code of Ethics’(3). My views on life, come also from a complex and constantly evolving set of ‘Rules of Simplicity’(4), which are always applied to my research. I, rather We…strive to live a fluid life—constantly adapting and molding our views as our perceptive surroundings develop around us. Careful to never allow ourselves to become jaded to change as Truth reveals Itself. Believing in a Source, to which we hold a personal account; We believe that since Knowledge is power and we have been called as Tsaphah—that we have an obligation not only to blow the warning trumpets…but to risk our lives(5) to preserve It & Its free distribution for the betterment of all of humanity.

Back to the point…Although D.O.T.S.’ current website lacks material content; anyone who had the opportunity to see the original D.O.T.S. website at jamesasiaacsjr.com would know the intended depth and simplistic-complexity of its purpose. Losing the site was a devastating blow to the initial development of the D.O.T.S. public forum. Compounding the issue was my own personal struggle with survival. A struggle that led me here to Seattle, Washington in 2013 in search of work. In the year that has transpired since, I’ve struggled not so much with obtaining work as with obtaining permanent and stable work, not to mention that big-city life has new struggles all its own and assimilating to it has been difficult. Since its concept, there has been a struggle with exactly how to preserve and share D.O.T.S.’ research-related material. Shortly after the establishment of its initial web presence, D.O.T.S. received its first Copyright claim against my reposting of a document entitled, “An Assessment of Non-Lethal Weapons Science and Technology” compiled by the Committee for an Assessment of Non-Lethal Weapons Science and Technology, Naval Studies Board, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, and the National Research Council of the National Academies and distributed by The National Academies Press through their website for free in PDF format (At that time at least…it was years ago when I obtained it.(6)). Since the first of this year (2014); the introduction of new web-based algorithms and world-reaching legislation have effectively all but declared war on both D.O.T.S.’ and all other forms of ‘alternative information’ distribution and preservation networks and efforts. “They”, seek to control who knows what and when….if at all. It’s an Information War and despite what some of us may think—one fact remains and that is that we are losing. Were it not so, we would have rebelled at the first legitimate sign of a silent chemical-war being waged upon the human race….America in particular(7). Due to these new algorithms and legislative changes; D.O.T.S.’ YouTube® channel was shut down within two days of multiple copyright ‘strikes’ for my posting of the entire first three seasons of the Ancient Alien series. Periodically, since the first of this year—starting with a claim from the U.S. Army regarding my posting documents pertaining to Operation Garden Plot and then leading to the slow removal of any documents pertaining to military actions/assistance/interactions with local law enforcement during times of local or national martial law—the account for the site used by D.O.T.S. to host documents has been under constant assault and may not last too much longer. That’s despite how long we’ve been with the service, or how popular our account may be. Personally, I applaud their patient resolve despite apparent outside pressure. They could have treated us like YouTube®….who consequently would not exist—would not be what it is today, had it not been for millions of us SHARING content that strictly speaking did not belong to us. Consider however, how every one of us steal from a Corporate-Person every time we sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to our loved ones and didn’t pay that Corporate-Whore….oops, I mean Person, ‘Corporate-Person’ for the “rights and privilege” to do so. Let us not live in hypocrisy…or worse…as willing slaves.

Before it be said or implied, that I’ve no respect for ‘copyright laws’…well you may be right but first let’s make sure. Allow me to explain my personal (not D.O.T.S.’ collectively) views on the evolution of the current system that we have in America now called Title 17. Then, if you were right about me and my views…and you strongly disagree—then you are perfectly welcome to quietly keep it to yourself; personally condemn me to your own version of purgatory or hell; and I fully encourage you to use these very words of mine as a ‘self-incriminating testimony of guilt’. In the end…we shall all be held accountable for our Thoughts, Words, and Deeds(9). So, to make it clear…I personally believe that the essence of both Copyright and Patent protection is to: “Protect the Financial and Intellectual security of publicly shred data, created by an entity. (‘This is my idea/invention. No one may claim its creation but me and no one but I may profit from it without my expressed permission.’). So; what happens when say, someone like me, provides ‘Pay-For’ material at no cost?

From a purely legal point-of-view, that would be breaking the Copyright or Patent holders Financial Protection. From a purely moral (and I stress my ‘personal’ morals) point-of-view, I would assert that we must evaluate each situation individually and apply some common-sense to our efforts to, protect the financial and intellectual creative inventions of individuals. I, personally, would have to question what the material is. Should it be made publicly accessible? Should one be allowed to overprice for information, thus making it inaccessible to the general masses? Is that the same as protecting the financial and intellectual creative inventions of persons, or the manipulation of our system in an effort to keep more relevant…more pertinent information out of the hands of the people, hidden in plain sight to avoid overwhelming cries of ‘things being done in secret’? Simply put…putting a $40 pricetag on the digital download of publicly accessible material can often deter many curious folk from learning or benefiting from said material. That knowledge then becomes a powerful commodity that only the rich and powerful can readily afford. Consider however, that there is a drastic difference between attempting to illegally provide ‘Pay For’ material at no cost when it pertains to the latest and greatest cancer research and illegally providing Stephen King’s latest novel. Providing Scientific opinions on the domestic use of non-lethal weapons vs. cookbooks and how-to guides. In essence; I believe in the peoples “Right to Know” vs. an individual’s “Right to Profit”. Besides…for what it’s worth…none of the material flagged has been ‘Pay-For’ material provided at no cost and at no time have I claimed ownership over any of the material provided. Just freely accessibly information shared from my own personal soapbox for convenience.

The battle rages on, and I stand at the gates. Time marches forth and I with it. The Source willing…I, D.O.T.S. and the Truth will prevail and withstand the ages.


1. Tsaphah (tsaw-faw’:. Strong’s #06822. Key verses: Ezekiel 3:17-21, 33:1-9. Cf. Micah 7:7.

To look out or about, spy, keep watch, observe, watch; watchman.

2. Namaste’ James


Truth Is One, & It Is Called By Many Names

Om Is Truth – Yhwh


Creator of the Universe!

We meditate upon your Supreme Splendor.

May your Radiant Splendor illuminate our

intellects, destroy our sins & guide us in the

right path!


From unreal to Real—

From darkness to Light—

From death to Immortality—

Lead Me!

Be Quick to Hear, Slow to Speak & Slow to

Anger – Being ever intent on three noble

ideals: The Good Word, Well Spoken. The

Good Thought, Well Thought. The Good

Deed, Well Done.

3. Align & Balance

• Balance Health, Regulate Intake

• Kundalini Meditation

Be Present

• The Past is past & Tomorrow is yet to come; Be Present In The Moment

• Eye Contact =’s Contact; Eyes are windows to the soul

Be Quick To Hear, Slow To Speak, & Slow To Anger—Being Ever Intent On Three Noble

Ideals: The Good Word, Well Spoken. The Good Thought, Well Thought. The Good Deed,

Well Done.

• Be Patient with others

• Don’t let anyone rent space in your head

• Seek Arya Conduct


• Knowledge should be: Sought, Preserved, Shared/Taught, Fought for at times and

yes, at times—one’s life risked for

• Should lead to Wisdom

• Secrets Kill & Destroy…Q. “How do you open one’s mind…prevent being called

crazy…prevent misuse?”

• Knowledge is Power & with great power comes great responsibility

Seek The Source

“Be Quick to Hear, Slow to Speak & Slow to Anger – Being ever intent on three noble ideals:

The Good Word, Well Spoken. The Good Thought, Well Thought. The Good Deed, Well Done.”

• Never stop seeking the “Source”— The One, The Only, The Omnipotent-Omnipresent-

Omniscient Eternal Source of all that has ever been, is, & ever will be. Nameless &

Incomprehensible in Its Nature. Limitless by every definition


• The Source

• The World

• Each other

• Ourselves

*We cannot neglect ourselves

• Serve to Serve…Not to gain.

4. The Simplicity of the Gospel of Truth. Created: 7/22/2003; Revised: 9/6/2010. Terribly outdated

and in need of revision but still relevant.

5. Cf. The Essenes, Qumran, Masada—countless libraries burned to the ground

6. “An Assessment of Non-Lethal Weapons Science and Technology” National Research Council of the

Academies. The National Academies Press. Washington, D.C.; www.nap.edu. $44.25. ©2003


7. Cf. Fluoride, Geo-Engineering, GMO Food, Vaccines, DNA-Gene-Embryo Manipulation

8. U.S. Code: Title 17


9. James 3:1.

“Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we shall incur a stricter judgment.”


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