Disciple of Truth Society

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The Archives

     Documents created by Disciple of Truth Society members and or other highly important files.
     “Be Quick to Hear, Slow to Speak & Slow to Anger – Being ever intent on three noble ideals:
The Good Word, Well Spoken. The Good Thought, Well Thought. The Good Deed, Well Done.”


     Chart of the Ages starting with the Holocene Era.


     Comparison between Sumerian & Hebraic Lore.

Aryan Kings

     Chart of Ancient Aryan Kings.

Bloodlines of Noah

     Sons of Noah & their sons.


     Chart of Ancient Empires.


     Misc. Gene research.

Gods Among Men

     List of Gods from many nations.

Historical Parallel Timeline

     Parallel timeline of ancient: Basic, Masonic, Biblical, & Sumerian history.

Mayan Information

     Information from the Popol Vuh.

Masonic Calendar System

     Chart of the calendar system used by the masonic secret society.

Planetary Zodiac

     Planets & their Zodiac along with associated god name.


     Chart of Human development. Not a promotion of the theory of evolution.